UAB eMedicine – myUABMedicine

UAB eMedicine connects you and your family with UAB’s world-class care in new and convenient ways. We use telehealth technology to deliver quality care to you wherever you are on your mobile device or computer.

UAB eMedicine service requires a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet or a strong cellular signal.
Go to for a list of free Wi-Fi locations near you, provided by VIVA Health.

UAB eMedicine - myUABMedicine

On-Demand Urgent Care

UAB eMedicine offers two types of online urgent care for common conditions such as cold/flu, test proven covid, sinus infection, female bladder infection, pink eye, vaginal yeast infection, back pain, skin conditions, and more.

On-Demand Urgent Care Online Questionnaire

Get easy, affordable access to a trusted UAB care provider from your mobile device or computer–anytime, anywhere. Answer questions about how you’re feeling in an online form and a UAB provider will share your diagnosis, and treatment plan, and send any needed prescriptions to your pharmacy in about an hour.

This option is best for common conditions and routine illnesses, like ear infections, colds/flu, rashes, or UTIs. The cost is $25, and you must be at least 18 years old.

  • To start the questionnaire, go to

On-Demand Urgent Care Video Visit

Visit “face to face” over video with a trusted provider, similar to an in-office visit. Care providers are available to evaluate symptoms, make a diagnosis, recommend treatment, and send prescriptions to your pharmacy. We suggest this option if you think you have a more urgent common condition that may require a physical exam. The cost is $59, and you must be at least 18 years old.

NOTE: A wired or Wi-Fi Internet connection is recommended (UAB eMedicine is not responsible for data charges for Video Visits done through a cellular connection).

To launch a video visit, go to